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 THE FIRM OF COALE, DUKES, KIRKPATRICK & CROWLEY, P.C. was formed in 1992 by the firm’s senior partner, Harwell E. Coale, Jr., as a firm specializing in traditional office practice focusing on business and tax matters.

          Today, the firm’s five lawyers, each of whom has a Master of Laws in Taxation degree, work on a variety of complex and engaging matters. The firm remains unique in that it is the only law firm in Mobile that focuses primarily on a tax-related practice, including probate, trust and business law.

          While each of the firm’s lawyers has developed a specialized tax practice area, from tax-free exchanges to disputes with tax enforcement agencies, estate planning and trust and estate administration continues as a significant part of the firm’s practice. In addition, the firm has successfully branched into related practice areas involving fiduciary litigation.

          Since its inception, the firm’s focus on providing the highest quality of advice on business, tax, real estate, probate and estate planning issues to its individual and business clients has remained constant. The firm is also committed to providing public service through active participation in professional, civic and charitable endeavors.

Coale, Dukes, Kirkpatrick & Crowley, P.C. is located in Mobile, Alabama and represents clients throughout the Southeast region of the United States.


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